Beyond walls and borders


I AM YOU ARE, the Israeli-Palestinian-German Encounter project by WBC Jerusalem, and Drei Wuensche Frei, and the German Muslim Poetry Slam project i,slam are performing together as part of a unique project friendship. Young people from the Middle East and from Germany, with different backgrounds, speaking in different languages are speaking up: for an honest encounter with the Other! Pro diversity!

18.30 Welcome Gisela Kayser, General Manager Freundeskreis Willy – Brandt – Haus // Introduction into the projects i, Slam & I Am You Are with Leila El-Amaire and Torge Kübler // Moderation Shelly Kupferberg

19.00 Opening address by Andrea Nahles, Federal Minister Social and Labour Affairs // i,Slam & I Am You Are in concert

doors open 17.45, free entry, please bring your personal ID

This is not an Ulpan! – Language Courses at the Willy-Brandt-Center

We are happy to host “This is not an Ulpan!” at the Willy-Brandt-Center Jerusalem for the next months. There are language courses for Arabic and Hebrew for beginners as well as for intermediate speakers.

The Arabic for beginners is Sundays from 2-5 PM, the Hebrew for beginners is Mondays from 5:30-8:30 PM.

The intermediate level courses are both Wednesdays, Hebrew from 5:30-7:30 PM and Arabic directly after from 7:30-9:30 PM.

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All of the courses are starting  this week.

So if you are ready for a new, creative and non-formal way of learning both languages we are looking forward to welcome you!


Johanna Uekermann adresses Annual Gathering at Willy-Brandt-Center Jerusalem


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Johanna Uekermann (right in the picture), Chair of the Jusos welcomed the guests and comrades to the Annual Gathering on Saturday 20th September in the Willy-Brandt-Center  Jerusalem together with Christopher Paesen (left in the picture) and representatives from our partner organizations.

Speech of Johanna Uekermann to Willy-Brandt-Center`s Annual Gathering 2014

Dear friends of Willy-Brandt Center, dear comrades,

I am happy to welcome you tonight to the Annual Gathering of the Willy-Brandt-Center in Jerusalem. As you recognize the program is not the same as it used to be in the years before. The war in Gaza and Israel deepened the split between the Israeli and the Palestinian society. Many people still have the pictures in their mind the war left there. In these difficult times the efforts of Willy-Brandt-Center under the principle of double solidarity with both Palestinian and Israeli needs is more important as ever. A political solution for the conflict based on the legitimate demands of both societies is possible. It takes courageous political leaders like Itzhak Rabin and Yassir Arafat to push for these solutions and to overcome the obstacles created by groups who don´t have an interest to end the occupation and keep fighting the secure existence of an Israeli state.

It was the partnership of the Israeli and Palestinian left wing, which made this development possible. And until now both remain the main powers to make a concrete change happen. The Status Quo as it is, is frustrating for everybody and will lead in the end to more and more violence. That is why Willy-Brandt-Center continuously enhances the direct contact between our partners by putting the needs of each of them in this conflict in the center of attention. This is of course not always easy and passionate debates are a part of it. But this process empowers each and everybody who is involved in the Willy-Brandt-Center to widen their view on the conflict. It creates a platform where political youth of both Palestine and Israel can raise their voice for their cause and not to depend on media to address people on the other side. It empowers thereby political youth activists to work for a Two-State-Solution on a deeper level by taking the needs of their partners into consideration. And finally we hope that in the future joint actions of Palestinians and Israelis for a negotiated peace deal will be possible again.

We the Young Socialists of Germany are going to uphold our commitment to the spirit of Willy-Brandt-Center. We will not turn our back on the situation here, when it becomes critical. Our partners in Israel and Palestine are our closest partners in the world. We stand aside the powers demanding a peaceful, non-violent solution of the conflict sharing the idea of Willy Brandt: “Peace is not everything, but without peace everything is nothing.”

And again: thank you very much for coming.

Willy-Brandt-Center thanks Johanna for her encouraging speech and the warm welcome. We thank all the participants that were part of our Annual Gathering!