Social justice connects

11214083_10152829682532680_7523096496111313828_nDelegations coming to the Willy-Brandt-Center are an important part of the work. Yasmin Fahimi, the general secretary of the SPD, visited the WBC to talk to participants in framework of the project „social justice“. During her visit she was part of a discussion with activists and the political team of the WBC. Yasmin Fahimi reported about the current political situation in Germany and the upcoming projects of the SPD. The establishment of the minimum wage in Germany was a big step, but some things remain to do. The change of the labour market to digital work 4.0 lets politicians and society face big challenges. The low voter turnout is worrying her a lot. Content of the discussion was also the role of the youth inside of political parties, the peace process and the work of the WBC.

A second part of the visit was a meeting with the team of the WBC and a report about the work and different cooperations of the Willy-Brandt-Center. In the end Yasmin said: „During the talks I had with Israelis and Palestinians it became more and more clear to me that there is less direct contact and a growing alienation between both sides and because of that also less trust. That the Willy-Brandt-Center Jerusalem has made it a task already many years ago to to connect young people and activists from both sides, is therefore really important to me.“

We thank Yasmin Fahimi for her big support and hope to be able to welcome her again very soon at the WBC.

A reunion of old friends


The head of the parliamentary group of SPD in the German Bundestag, Thomas Oppermann, has been on a trip to the Middle East and also stopped by at the Willy-Brandt-Center Jerusalem. Together with the board of the parliamentary group of SPD in the German Bundestag he visited the WBC to learn more about the general work of the Center and the most important projects.

Young activists from the youth movements of our partners play an important role in the regional work. Representatives from Young Labour,  Young Meretz and from Shabibeh Fatah met Thomas Oppermann and the rest of the delegation. They reported about their experiences in the political work and described how important teamwork and solidarity between peace orientated Forces are. Furthermore they underlined the importance of giving young political leaders and activists the chance to develop own strategies and concepts to improve the regional situation, “because the future lies in the hands of the young generation“.

Oppermann acknowledges the work of the Willy-Brandt-Center: “We are here to encourage you to go onwith your very important work.“

We thank Mr. Oppermann and the entire delegation very much for  the big support!

German minister Barbara Hendricks in Jerusalem


201500101669The Willy-Brandt-Center Jerusalem had the honour to welcome Barbara Hendricks, the german minister for environment, nature conservation,building and nuclear safety with her delegation. She came to hear about the general work of the WBC as well as our regional cooperations and projects.

Also the voices of the members of our Political Team have been heard. They expressed their impressions about how political activism in the region sometimes can also be challenging, but underlined its importance and necessity at the same time. Furthermore they spoke about the WBC as a safe space for young activists from both sides and said that the WBC is exactly the right organisation to be part of to bring change about in the region. We thank Mrs. Hendricks and the delegation very much for their visit and support!