WBC – Art Hugs

In time of Quarantine artists from near and far raise our spirits and unite for a series of special video contributions titled “Art Hug“

We were looking forward to a number of events this spring. Everyone at the center has been excited and busy with preparations., and our partners and artists where getting ready for their part in all the planned panels, workshops, poetry readings, movie screenings, concerts and dance events. At some point this March, we understood that things will not go as planned. We realized that we would have to stay home, slow down and keep physical distance from the world around us, at least for a little while. But we all felt the strong need to stay connected.

Artists deal with challenging situations through art and creation. We have therefore invited artists from near and far to raise our spirits and unite for a series of special video contributions titled “Art Hug”. As our partners from the Hancock Institute in Washington reminded us in their Art Hug message, „artists play a very important role in our health as people and as society. Those who make art help us remember what unites us as human beings“. The artists responded immediately. So far, we have received video contributions from Berlin, Bregenz, Gaza, Kansas City, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Rom, Salzburg, Tel Aviv and Washington, with participants from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Our followers and our team have been moved and inspired by all the wonderful new poems, compositions and performances that have reached us and keep reaching us still. The Willy Brandt Center community stays active. We can’t wait to meet you all again in person, but until then – we will keep creating and enjoying cultural events together. We remain united and strengthen and comfort each other through the arts, even though we are far from each other.

We invite you to become our guest online and to discover the Art Hug creations of our artists on Facebook: