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Online Book Launch with Nadine Sayeg

On 16 October 2020, Willy Brandt Center was proud to present the author Nadine Sayegh and her debut book Jaffa Oranges, which recounts her father’s life story from a perspective of 70 years later. The Willy Brandt Center had the opportunity to witness the development of the book over the past months, so it was a special […]

The Miracle of the Lights in the Desert

„It’s a miracle that we are all gathered here“, said one of the participants in the “Lights in the Desert“ events. People from all over the area gathered in a Bedouin tent in the desert, to light beautiful Hanukkah menorahs on the last day of the Jewish holiday of light. We decorated Sufganiyot – the […]

Participatory City Tour: Jerusalem, Europe and Me

This city tour, organized jointly by WBC and Holy Local Aliens, had neither a single guide nor a pre-determined route. It was created by its participants, who were asked to suggest places and sights connected to Europe. The twenty participants gathered on October 30th at the YMCA, opposite of the famous King David Hotel. These […]

Es geht nicht um Schuld, sondern um Verantwortung.

50 Jahre Kniefall von Warschau: Interview mit Nitzan Menagem Am 7. Dezember 1970 kniete Willy Brandt am Ehrenmal für die Toten des Warschauer Ghettos nieder. Schweigend verharrte der deutsche Kanzler eine halbe Minute und drückte so seine Bitte um Vergebung für die deutschen Verbrechen des Zweiten Weltkriegs aus. Später erklärte Brandt: „Wo, wenn nicht dort, […]

Hans Böckler Foundation (HBS) Online Seminar

Corona, Economy, Unions: The Effects of the Pandemic on Israel   For our partners from the Hans Böckler Foundation, we hosted and organized an online seminar titled “Corona, Economy, Unions: The Effects of the Pandemic on Israel”. Usually we would have hosted the annual study trip of the Hans Böckler Foundation, which of course had […]

A Scary Good Time at the Willy Brandt Center

Spooky stories and secret tales of Jerusalem On Saturday afternoon, September 12th, we invited the children of the Abu Tor neighborhood for a special program in our garden. Five young artists of the Ibtisamet Maqdisi Band from Jerusalem prepared for our small audience different plays, dance games, face painting and crafting workshops, as well as […]

The Anthropological View on Gender, Sexuality and Religion

An Online Lecture by Dr. Elazar Ben-Lulu on the Anthropological View on Gender, Sexuality and Religion: Intersections, Challenges and Contradictions – 29 August 2020   In his online lecture on gender, sexuality and religion, Dr. Elazar Ben-Lulu from Ben Gurion University gave insights into his research exploring religious rituals, and invited us to think about […]

New Bridges in Times of Isolation

Development of a new interactive and interdisciplinary artistic program   Corona forces everybody to plan and work differently – also those working as artists or organizers of cultural projects. Despite all difficulties, we were lucky to find out that this challenging situation also offers a lot of positive effects: new creative concepts, new spaces and […]