The Current Situation in Lesbos and the International School of Peace

An Online Talk on the situation of refugees living in Lesbos and the International School for Peace on October 19th 2020.

In this online event on the situation of refugees in Lesbos, two coordinators of the schools shared their first-hand experience responding to the crises after the burning of Moria camp in September 2020, their work in Lesbos, and the current challenges the community encounters.
Both spent the last weeks in Lesbos, working in the International School of Peace. The school for refugee children in the Isle of Lesbos was founded in 2017 as a collaboration between our HaShomer HaTzair and Ajyal movement, both partners of the Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem’s educational team. The school is part of the One Happy Family Community Center, a close partner since its inception.
In March 2020, just before the Corona crisis hit the world, the International Peace School burnt down. Until they could find a new place for the school, the organizers provisionally set up tents next to Moria camp, to organize classes and games for the refugee children in Moria. In September 2020, another fire broke out in Moria camp and almost completely destroyed the home of over 13,000 refugees.
Since the fires in September, the International School of Peace team is staying on the island and acts as part of the coalition of organizations that strive to assist those in need in the midst of this chaos. The staff takes part in the humanitarian aid efforts, handing out food and water, and at the same time continues to educate for peace. In this online talk, they gave insights into the current situation and development regarding Covid-19 and the activities that were still carried on during the lockdown.
You can support the International School of Peace in their efforts to continue their journey with passionate students and teachers that are eager to learn together, train teachers and build a new school, by donating here:

Since our October event on the situation in Moria , the refugees’ living conditions have deteriorated drastically. Our support & solidarity is needed more than ever.