Red Lounge Lecture Performance – November 15, 2017

“There must be some basic evil in me – in all men.” (H.F.)

More than twelve months director and screen writor Vera Berzak worked on her piece “The Governor General” with dramaturgic help of Naama Berman. It’s the first lecture performance taking place in Willy Brand Center and Vera’s first performance of her “work in progress”, as she calls it.

The audience watch two different scenarios jumping in time. It’s the narrator herself, presenting a contemporary monologue and the same actress in the role of the psychologist Gil Gilbert, talking to Hans Frank in prison during the Nuremberg Trial in 1946. This way Vera is able to interrogate a doubting murderer about his felonies.

The existence of this play is self-evident when listening/experiencing to Vera talking about her play; feeling her coping with its plot and her own role within. However every single person in the room feels attached to their dialogue and can relate to the story in some way.