Red Lounge presents “Can’t Be Silent – On Tour with The Refugees”

Political cinema at its best!

Can’t Be Silent – On Tour with The Refugees
A Film by Julia Oelkers

Wednesday 20.1.2016 um 19:00


Can’t Be Silent – On Tour with The Refugees
They are musicians from Africa, the Balkans and Iran. And since May 2012 they have been touring Germany with songwriter Heinz Ratz and his band Strom und Wasser. What makes this project special is that these musicians are asylum seekers.

On the stage: young rappers join together with an experienced Jazz pianist, a reggae singer with a German singer-songwriter, an African percussionist with accomplished Roma musicians and a beatboxer with Greek roots. Despite their differences, they gather in a respectful way – meeting each other eye to eye. Their creativity unfolds as they work to develop a common language through music. “ Can´t be silent” will show this process of convergence: from the wrong notes to the beautiful harmonies, from the stage-fright to the shining moments. We will show the small locations and thunderous applause, the enthusiasm and the grinding routines.

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Red Lounge in the Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem

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