The Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem

The Willy Brandt Center (WBC) is a unique center for encounters and communication in Jerusalem. Here young people from the entire world meet and engage in cultural exchange beyond borders. Within the framework of our events, we are able to overcome conflicts in multifaceted ways.

Politics, education, and culture–with our projects, seminars, and get-togethers we are looking for long-term solutions for a peaceful future in the region. The basis for such progress is trust and solidarity between people. “Peace is not everything, but without peace everything is nothing.” This quote from Willy Brandt serves as the guiding theme of the WBC.

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Politics, education, culture! With our projects we strive to support both our local partners, and to contribute to peace in the region. We work with political activists, young people from youth organizations, and artists.


Young Leadership

A team of young political activists, from Germany, Israel, and Palestine, works together to organize seminars about a two-State solution, security, social justice, and sustainability. Here in the center, dealing with difficult topics is made possible through trust and cooperation amongst participants. Read more

Peace Education

“We choose life, we choose peace.” This quotation comes from a collective letter of all youth organizations involved in the project to their members. Read more

Social Art – Bridging the Gap

Artists from both sides are looking for common ground with different forms of artistic expression, and alternatives beyond the mainstream. From art exhibitions to hip-hop productions, from movie nights to poetry slams – here creativity is never limited.  Read more

Current Activities

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