KLH International Summer School on topic ‘Acting for Peace – Overcoming Violence’ – August 20-27, 2017

“Peace Education is a long term process, that needs to start while a conflict is still ongoing and can’t wait until it has been solved, because the change starts with us.”

Leyla, 23, from Jenin

“Summer school was a unique chance to meet people, activists, from several places in the world and get to know their perspectives on conflict and peace, to get to know their life experiences and educational work. Nevertheless, the meeting of the middle east, especially in this topic was again, an amazing opportunity to create bridges of common understanding and building a united idea for educating for peace.”

Yaara, 28, from Kiryat Haim

Alongside of around 50 other young political activists from all over the world, members from the partner organizations of the Educational Project explored the structures and mechanisms of peace and conflict. Coming themselves from one of the most infamous conflict areas they had a lot to contribute to the various workshops and seminars. What are the reasons for conflict and war? How can societies find a way out of conflict and (re)create a democratic social order? What is peace eventually? And what is the role as young activists in the consolidation of peace? All these questions and more had been discussed and explored. In addition to sharing projects and lots of political debates, they did not forget to have fun together. Trips to the surrounding countryside and to Berlin had been self-organized by the participants.