Narratives of Longing in Berlin

Performance of young artists from Berlin & Jerusalem

Saturday, March 17, 20:00

Theater Expedition Metropolis

Ohlauer Strasse 41, 10999 Berlin (Kreuzberg)

In November 13 young people from Berlin and Jerusalem came together in the WBC and practiced for a performance about “longing”. “What do you long for?” was the leading question young adults between the age of nineteen and twenty-two met for one week. They arrived with distinctive backgrounds of five different nations, using theories and approaches such as ethnology, fine arts, performance and videomaking. Besides their goal to get rid of old patterns and expose themselves beyond their habitual everyday life, they also aimed to reach an artistic result in the end of that week that they can present in front of an audience.

“Narratives of longing” is a cooperation with Drei Wünsche Frei-Studio for Hybrid Culture (Berlin), Theater Expedition Metropolis (Berlin), the Center for International Encounters (Jerusalem), the Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem and the Musrara School of Art.

Funded within the framework of the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE program of the Foundation EVZ (Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft / Remembrance, Responsibility and Future).

Eintritt: 6 €, ermäßigt 4 €