Let’s Lead Workshop in Sebastia

 New Capacity Building Program with Seeds for Seeds for Development and Culture‎

The first phase of the new Let’s Lead capacity building program with Seeds  for Development and Culture ended with a full-day outdoor activity in Sebastia, near Nablus. The 25 participants from all over the West Bank have worked for several months on group- and community-building, organizing and mobilization, theoretical inputs and practical trainings. At the end of the course, an Open Space will be designed by the participants.

The trip to Sebastia was the milestone, concluding the phase of group- and community-building with a workshop on identity. The participants were asked to draw a flower that introduces the aspects in their life which shape their identity. Then, the goals of the entire course were discussed in small groups. These aims were later presented through freeze theater scenes. The frozen figures desplayed what the participants wanted to achieve: leadership, cooperation and constructive feedback, to name a few.

After a lunch break by the Roman forum, which is a part of the rich archeological site of Sebastia, the participants built kites together with kids and youngsters from the village. As Sebastia has been affected by violence from the Israeli Army and nearby settlers, flying the kites was intended to show solidarity with the community and enable joyful moments for the kids.

The program continued with more sessions and workshops, focusing on themes such as feminism, democracy and voluntarism, as well as active citizenship.