Wednesday, 15 June 2016, 7pm (19.00)

“On the Side of the Road”

A documentary by Lia Tarachansky
The director is present.

This is a film about the questions Israelis cannot ask, about the fight to keep memories buried, and about the violence of attempting to silence a history.
It is a story told by Lia Tarachansky who grew up in an Israeli settlement in the heart of the Palestinian West Bank. When the second Intifada broke out in 2000 her family moved to Canada. There, for the first time she met Palestinians and “discovered” their history and why they fight Israel in the first place.
When she became a journalist, she returned to become a correspondent for The Real News Network. Returning for the first time to her settlement, she “discovers” the Palestinians next door as she reports on Israel’s military occupation.
In this film she meets with those who played a personal role in the events of 1948 and like her, “discovered” what they had not only erased from their consciousness but erased from the map. For years she tries to convince these veterans to face the most difficult questions of the Israeli national puzzle and dig deep into their own memories.
Israel/Palestine, 2013, 83 min, Hebrew, Arabic, English with english subtitles