WBC turns into art gallery

The annual conference initiated the start of the new art program shining light on what is soon to become a daily reality: young innovative artists hosted at WBC creating a new creative fringe in Jerusalem. To exhibit, to perform, and to express visions through art.

Sara Yassin, photographer and graduate at Musrara School of Art: Sara’s work consists of still photographs. It shows three very personal places where she used to live or frequently visits.

Tal Michaelis, performer and video artist from Jerusalem: Tal’s installation of videos used unexpected spaces at Willy Brandt Center to create thoughts on elements such as water and stone.

Stiller (Verena Looser & Melina Weissenborn): Verena’s and Melina’s video „Jerusalem Lines“ accompanied the conference’s theme of Jerusalem. From Abu Tor to Mount Scopus and back by public transport – one way with an Eastern, one with a Western bus company – virtually combined driving a circle. Jerusalem Lines is a geopolitical study revealing the visual parallels and divergences of the divided city.

What’s next?
Join us for our upcoming Red Lounge on November 15th. A lecture performance by Vera Berzak.
And on November 25th visit our Berlin-Jerusalem program “Narratives of Longing” for an open performance night.
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