Red Lounge Movie Night “My Arab Friend”

Wednesday, May 18, 2016, at 7pm (19.00)

Red Lounge Movie Night at the Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem

“My Arab Friend”

in attendance of the director Noga Nezer

“An Israeli girl goes on a surreal journey to the heart of the Palestinian Territories to find her lost Arab friend.”

“Noga isn’t really interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She just wants to live her comfortable, liberal life in Tel Aviv. But when Fahres, her Palestinian friend who stayed with her in Tel Aviv, disappears, Noga is forced to embark on a surreal, scary, and surprising journey into Fahres’ home village in the heart of the West Bank to find him, and what he really means to her.”

Come out to join us for a night of political cinema that is surprising, thought-provoking yet entertaining and heart-warming. Director Noga Nezer will be with us to talk about the story behind “My Arab Friend” and what moved her to do this movie.

My Arab Friend by Noga Nezer

53 min, with English ST